10 Things You Should Do After Buying A Home

Buying a home is a big deal, and there's many things you should do before, during and after signing the paperwork! You may feel a sense of relief after closing, but there's quite a few more things to do before getting settled! We've compiled a list of the top ten things you should do after closing on your home! 

1. Change Your Locks: Changing your locks should be the top of your list for things to do! You don't know how many people have a key to your home, so you'll want to put new locks on ensuring that only you have access to the house. Make a few spare keys, and always have one in a safe location outside in the event you lock yourself out! 

2. Reset Garage Security Code: If you have a garage, you should reset your security code to one only you will know! If you're not sure how to do it, Google and Youtube can be your best friend! You may even consider purchasing a new one if your current one seems old — it's a fairly inexpensive fix!

3. Check Smoke Detectors: It's always a good idea to put a fresh set of batteries in your smoke detectors after moving in. This will ensure they are in working condition in the event there was a fire. Additionally, if you don't have carbon monoxide detectors, we would recommend purchasing some! Safety first!

4. Learn Where Everything is: This might be obvious, but it's important to learn where everything is in your home — from the water shut off, to the circuit breaker, and everything in between! Get to know your home!

5. Forward Mail: Finally, you can forward your mail to your new address! You can fill out a form online and start receiving your mail quickly!

6. Deep Clean: You shouldn't assume that the previous owners (or the construction company) did a thorough cleaning of your home before you bought it. Take some time and clean your home, or if it's in your budget, hire a cleaning company to do a full cleaning. You'll feel good knowing that everything was cleaned before you get settled in.

7. Set Up Utilities: Let's face it, no one wants to live in a world without internet, so get those utilities hooked up quickly! You can schedule this before you close so they will be ready when you get handed the keys! 

8. Change Address: You will need to notify plenty of people of your address change. Here's a quick list where you can start: the DMV, the IRS, voter registration, personal and business banking, investment accounts, credit cards, loan services, insurance companies, your employer, doctor’s offices, online retailers, church/place of worship, delivery apps, and subscriptions.

9. Make a To-Fix List: Go over your inspection report and make a note of items that did not get repaired. You may want to start working on some of these repairs as you get settled in your new home. 

10. Unpack: Lastly, unpack those boxes! It's time to turn your house into a home! Personalize your place to make it feel cozy and inviting. Welcome home!

By following this easy guide, you can get moved into your home quickly and in an organized manner! You'll be ready to throw a housewarming party before you even know it!

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